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What is MCP?

MCP had been developed by Alien Design. Later Dieter Groppé continued the developement as an commodity for AmigaOS 3.1. The intention of MCP was to collect all usual patches for AmigaOS at a time when the development of AmigaOS seemed to have stopped. MCP also added some new preference-menues. The advantage was one MUI GUI for all the new addons. This means of course, that MCP is not suitable for use with AmigaOS 4.x! Even with AmigaOS 3.9 there might be problems, as some patches became obsolete with the further developement of the original AmigaOS.

A full test of MCP (in German only) you can find online at "Amiga Future" Nr. 65, Testbericht zu MCP aus der Amiga Future 65.

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