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Why doesn't MCP run on AOS4?

MCPPrefs examines the system and deactivates normal preferences, which are not possible on that system. AOS4 does not check the hardware directly and has no emulation of the AmigaOS 3.x hardware-check, so the preference-menue will be deactivated. With MCP 1.44 this will happen automatically, with version 1.43 you'll have to set the tooltype "noautoselect=2" in order to deactivate the detection of Gary and Ramsey.

What does not work with AOS4?

MCP has been optimized for old Amiga-hardware up to OS3.9. There will not be an AOS4 version, as the developement of MCP has stopped. But even so many functions of MCP are still useful with AOS4. What does not work are: Log (V1.43 - error) , CopyMem-patches, AssignWedge, WBAbout, WBTitelaktivation, Automount and any CPU- and hardwarepreferences.

Why doesn't WBAbout work with OS 3.5 and 3.9?

MCP searches for the Workbench-requester. Since OS 3.5 Workbench does not use a requester, but opens a window. This wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunally the OS gives out the parameters directly, so there are no parameters which MCP could use. A completely new routine must be written.

Why does the screen-dimmer with max. 8-Bit colour-depths works different?

To understand that you have to know how the dimmer works, all used colour-pens will be manipulated by MCP. With AmigaOS never more than 8 bit were planned, that's why all bitplane-based functions are limited to 8 bit. With only 16 bit colourdepths you would need theoretically need millions of those colour-pens. With all graphic-modi above 8 bit the colour-pen mode can't be used. It is necessary to calculate for each pixel a new colour. This can only be done on the actual screen. That means changes on the screen will be displayd normal and be dimmed with the next start.

Why is there no optimized 68060 version?

The 020#+ version of MCP does recognize the CPU, and uses automatically the optimized code for each CPU for time-critical routines.

Will there be a PPC-version geben, or how is the support of OS4.0+?

MCPprefs is to be rewritten in C, so it could later be fitted to OS 4.0+. MCP is written in 68k-assembler, for use with OS 4.0 or better it has to be rewritten. The question is, does it make sense with OS 4.0 or better, which functions are already in integrated in OS 4.x? The other problem is, there is nobody to do it.

HDPrefs does not work right.

With version 1.33 I*'ve removed the code for HDprefs. I put it back and removed the mistakes. Unfortunally the code of AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 had been changed, so that the HD will be checked every 3 seconds or so, which means that the HDPrefs might not work.

the Install-script stops.

The install-script is quite good, as long as:

  • 1. The archive is complete and unchanged. All sources will not be checked before installation.
  • 2. The standard-assigns like ENVARC: or ENV: are there.

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